Getting out…the good way!

This blog is dedicated to helping you get out of UH…the good way!  Increasingly, the Honors College and our colleagues at UH are developing more and more programing for study abroad, including grant and scholarship opportunities that not only can get you to cool places, but can also change your life.  There’s so much to choose from, it can be very confusing.

My hope is that you’ll subscribe to this as a way of exploring what UH students and professors are doing around the world so you can make an informed choice about what’s right for you. We’ll provide useful links and information from time to time, but the real purpose of the blog is to collect and publish the stories of those who have gone abroad either on a faculty-led program or on their own through a funded opportunity. We want you to see just how many things are possible while you are a UH student in terms of travel, study, and life-changing experiences.

Just keep in mind the possibilities.

  • Faculty-led study abroad tours (1-2 weeks) and programs (3 weeks or longer) that deliver peak experiences well beyond anything you can get in a classroom.
  • Language-immersion programs that will rewire your brain.
  • Service-learning opportunities that allow you to see the world and help change it at the same time.
  • Major scholarship and fellowship opportunities that allow you to craft your own learning abroad by utilizing programs like Fulbright, the Critical Language Scholarship (US Department of State), and the Boren Awards (US Department of Defense).
  • Fellowships in Human Rights that take you to the UN or Oxford University, co-funded with the Hobby Center.

We will publish stories of around 500 words and pictures that will help you to get the feel of what these opportunities are like from inside the experience. With all that we have going, you can certainly find something for yourself that fits.

Remember: if you have a plan, you can find the money. Contact me today to see what’s right for you! Or go to the Office of Learning Abroad to see what they have for you.

Richard Armstrong

Coordinator of International Programs

The Honors College


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