Student Reflection: Wrestling with My Future at Oxford

As cliché as it sounds, my experience in the study abroad program was completely life altering. As a thirty-year-old married father of three, my college experience was anything but normal. Yet, it was my being selected to attend a week long seminar in Oxford that directly led me to my current position in life, a University of Houston graduate now attending law school.

To clarify: at the time that I had applied for the fellowship, January 2014, I was actually at a very important crossroads in my life. Before choosing to attend college, I had previously made a living as a professional wrestler, “Fast Eddie Vegas.” However, the conflict of managing my time between being at home with my family and the very demanding traveling schedule that was associated with this industry led me to reconsider my life’s path, and eventually resulted in my pursuit of higher education. After two very successful years in college, I still had not made a final decision on what I wanted to do with my life. Moreover, around the same time, December 2013, WWE had contacted me and set up a tryout with the intention of offering me a contract, which was actually what I had been working to achieve for the previous 13 years. After this first tryout that following February, I was notified that WWE wanted me to tryout again in mid-March. However, the exact dates of this tryout overlapped with the dates that I was supposed to be in Oxford. Thus, a decision had to be made, whether I was to continue pursuing my prior career in Professional Wresting or to forge a new path in academia.


Fortunately for me, I decided to attend the seminars in Oxford, and it was this decision that pushed me towards my current pursuit of a career in law. The topics of these intensive seminars focused upon humanitarian aid in warzones, international relations, human rights, and genocide. This brought to my attention the issues and politics that surround international law. This new-found interest in these subjects led me to focus my academic efforts on achieving a law degree in international law with aspirations of eventually becoming involved in politics.

Therefore, it was the opportunity afforded to me by the study abroad program that directly influenced my choices regarding my plans for the future. I will always look back at this experience as one of the most enjoyable and influential of my college career. Not to mention all of the fun I had sightseeing and enjoying the local pub scene in the beautiful historic city of Oxford.

Edwin  Villa

UH Honors Class of 2015


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