Trip Report: UH Global Medical Brigades in Nicaragua

Global Medical Brigades took part in a 9 day brigade that included at 3 day medical brigade, 2 day public health brigade and a 1 day water brigade.

During our 3 day medical brigade, our 42 volunteers helped at a medical clinic to serve over 750 patients from the community of La Mora, Nicaragua. Volunteers had direct patient interaction through various stations including medical, dental, and gynecology consultation, triage, pharmacy and children’s charla.

In the medical, dental, and gynecology consultations, volunteers had the unique opportunity to shadow physicians and dentists as they diagnosed and treated patients using only limited equipment. Volunteers in the triage station had the ability to practice their medical Spanish as they took patients’ histories and vital signs by themselves.

In the pharmacy, our volunteers assisted the pharmacists in getting the required medications and then telling the patients how and when to take the medications. Finally in our children’s charla, volunteers taught children the importance of dental hygiene and how to brush their teeth and had the opportunity to play with the children of the community.

For our public health brigade, we worked with 3 families as part of the Global Brigade’s holistic model to build them a sanitary station and install concrete floors to help prevent some common diseases that plagued the community. Our volunteers were mixing, carrying and laying concrete and bricks for our 2 days during the public health brigade and were able to finish all our projects. Our last day was dedicated to water brigade where we were the only university that day to be able to finish our 40 foot long, 3 1/2 feet deep and 2 feet wide trench as part of a water project initiated by Global Brigades to bring water to a community in need.

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—Nikhil Kottapalli


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