New Opportunity: Europe this Winter Break with Liberal Studies

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line…but we’re not interested!   On this year’s Liberal Studies Winter Seminar, “Paris to Venice,” we will meander and explore, wonder and ponder, as much as our time in those spaces allows… Maybe you will spend two hours in front of a painting by Da Vinci or Rouault!  Or lose track of time in a smoky cafe and an evening of jazz… 

paris-wallpaper-background-27You know, I sometimes think, how is anyone ever gonna come up with a book, or a painting, or a symphony, or a sculpture that can compete with a great city. You can’t. Because you look around and every street, every boulevard, is its own special art form and when you think that in the cold, violent, meaningless universe that Paris exists, these lights. I mean come on, there’s nothing happening on Jupiter or Neptune, but from way out in space you can see these lights, the cafés, people drinking and singing. For all we know, Paris is the hottest spot in the universe. 
Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris

Munich in the Christmas season, fairytale castles, and snow-covered chalets in the Austrian Alps, threading our way to golden, mysterious, imaginary, Venice…

The glory of the day that broke upon me in this Dream; its freshness, motion, buoyancy; its sparkles veniceof the sun in water; its clear blue sky and rustling air; no waking words can tell. But, from my window, I looked down on boats and barks; on masts, sails, cordage, flags; on groups of busy sailors, working at the cargoes of these vessels; on wide quays, strewn with bales, casks, merchandise of many kinds; on great ships, lying near at hand in stately indolence; on islands, crowned with gorgeous domes and turrets: and where golden crosses glittered in the light, atop of wondrous churches, springing from the sea!  Charles Dickens, Pictures from Italy

The course offered is ILAS 2350, Introduction to Liberal Studies, a learning-how-to-learn course, hybrid such that the online half of the course is to complete before our departure from Houston on 12/26; the seminar portion we will do on the road.
Liberal learning is about books, naturally, but more than books!  One of my favorite philosophers said “We never step into the same river twice…” and thus it is that we bring—little by little growing in depth and breadth of experience and culture—always new eyes to the books we read and re-read and re-read and re…
Deadline for deposits: September 25th !!!  
Contact: Dr. Behr a.s.a.p.

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